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Bob at the first bridge on the Vallecito Creek Trail.
Bob at the first bridge on the Vallecito Creek Trail.

I have been backpacking and trekking for over fifty years. I learned some of it from the Boy Scouts of America and most of it from Colin Fletcher's book, The Complete Walker, and trial and error. You can read more about Colin Fletcher here in one of my trip reports and here at Wikipedia.

I read Ray Jardine's book, Beyond Backpacking . I have incorporated some of his and other ultralight enthusiast's ideas. I have not yet fully embraced the ultralight, 10-pound pack, minimalist philosophy. If I ever try a long though hike, such as the Continental Divide Trail, I probably will.

As my friends, family, and I age, I have been more frequently using llamas to carry the load rather than my back. They are usually easy to manage, allow one to bring more gear, and provide backcountry access to those who cannot or do not want to carry a heavy pack.

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