Argus C3 Camera, photo by Camerafiend, CC BY-SA 3.0

I have been interested in photography since I was a child. I took black and white photos with my father's Argus C3 camera . I bulk loaded film to save money. At the Fort Worth Children's Museum, now known as the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, I learned to develop my own B&W film and print photos using wet chemistry. This was long before digital photography became commonplace. Color film development and prints were expensive and difficult at that time.

As an adult, I eventually purchased Nikon cameras and lenses. I bought an expensive, state of the art, Nikon F5 film camera. Within two years, it became obsolete when digital photography became widely available. I sold it for about 6 times less than I paid for it.

Digital imaging has revolutionized photography. Now it is easy, inexpensive, and fun to take as many photos as you like as well as edit and process them with ease.

I formerly hauled around bulky SLR cameras with multiple, sometimes large and heavy lenses, and big heavy tripods. Now that I almost never create prints of my photos and typically view and share them on computer and phone screens, I just use my phone as my camera. It takes excellent snapshots. It does not work well for nature photography where a super telephoto lens is required.

I have been thinking about buying a smaller, lighter, mirrorless DSLM camera. Smaller, lighter, very wide range, super telephoto zoom lenses are now available. Electronic image stabilization technology has made use of a tripod unnecessary in many situations where it was once required.