Viscount "Aerospace" Road Bike

Photo: Viscount Aerospace Bike

The bike pictured above was for sale on E-bay. It looks very much like the Viscount that I bought in Austin around 1976. Even the color scheme is the same. I purchased it after my Motobecane Mirage was stolen. I think it cost less than $200.

At that time, I was a student and had no car. This bike was my main means of transportation. Austin was much smaller then. It was a very bicycle friendly city that had bike lanes everywhere. I moved to Houston in 1978 and was no longer car-less. The traffic there and my schedule led me to give up cycling almost completely for the next twelve years. I sold the bike to someone in San Antonio while I was living there.

This bike had a cast aluminum fork that was prone to sudden catastrophic failure. See the links below for more information. When I was riding the bike and when I sold it, I was blissfully unaware of the "death fork" recall.

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