Photo Bob leading the First Pitch of Sunshine Ridge, Seward Highway, AK
Bob leading the First Pitch of Sunshine Ridge, Seward Highway, AK

Rock Climbing

I rock climbed a small amount when I was a teenager in the 1970's. The sport was entirely different at that time. From the practical standpoint, I really began rock climbing in the fall of 2016. I started climbing indoors at the Amarillo Rock Climbing House as training for alpine mountaineering such as climbing Mount Rainier.

I liked it so much that I begin doing it for the sport of rock climbing itself. I have not been able to find a local mentor to teach me outdoor climbing. Unfortunately, our local gym is not really setup for lead climbing. I read about rock climbing, took a course on anchors at The Ouray Ice Festival, spent a half-day getting instruction from a private guide from San Juan Mountain Guides, and begin top rope climbing outdoors with fixed anchors.

I learned to sport lead by climbing with my daughter and son-in-law in Alaska, spending a day with Chris Waldon from Xplore Climbing in Alaska, and practicing at the Box in Socorro, NM. I begin learning about trad leading again from my son-in-law and from spending a day with a private guide from the American Alpine Institute at Red Rocks near Las Vegas, NV. In January 2019, I acquired all the gear needed, and begin leading easy trad routes. Now I am beginning to do a little top rope solo climbing. I may eventually learn to rope solo lead climb. I never want to do any free soloing.