Bob's List of Climbing Knots

No.Name(s)FamilyEssentialHow to Tie Link
2.Figure-eight rewoven loop (Figure-eight follow through)Figure-EightTrue
3.Clove hitch, two-handed off carabinerClove HitchTrue
4.Clove hitch, one-handed on right facing carabinerClove HitchTrue
5.Clove hitch, one-handed on left facing carabinerClove HitchTrue
6.Clove hitch, tied with rope endClove HitchTrue
7.Munter hitch, two-handed off carabinerMunter HitchTrue
8.Munter hitch, one-handed on right facing carabinerMunter HitchTrue
9.Munter hitch, one-handed on left facing carabinerMunter HitchTrue
10.Prusik hitchFriction HitchesTrue
11.Klemheist hitch (Machard hitch)Friction HitchesTrue
12.Autoblock hitch (French Prusik, Machard tresse)Friction HitchesTrue
13.Flat overhand bend (Offset overhand bend, European death knot, EDK)Overhand KnotTrue
14.Double fisherman’s bend (Grapevine knot)Fisherman’s BendTrue
15.Water knot (Ring bend)Overhand KnotTrue
16.Girth hitch (Cow hitch, Lark's foot, Strap hitch)Girth HitchTrue
17.BHK (Big honkin’ knot, Big f’in’ knot, Master point knot)Overhand KnotTrue
18.Munter muleCombination KnotsTrue
19.Prusik Munter muleCombination KnotsTrue
20.Butterfly knotButterfly KnotTrue
21.Bowline (Single bowline)BowlineTrue
22.Overhand loopOverhand KnotFalse
23.Overhand slip-knotOverhand KnotFalse
24.Square knot (Reef knot)Square KnotFalse
25.Fisherman’s bendFisherman’s BendFalse
26.Triple fisherman’s bendFisherman’s BendFalse
27.Figure-eight bend (Flemish bend)Figure-EightFalse
28.Figure-eight on a bightFigure-EightFalse
29.Bunny hitch (Bunny ears, Double figure-eight loop)Figure-EightFalse
30.Double bowlineBowlineFalse
31.Water bowlineBowlineFalse
32.Single bowline with a Yosemite finishBowlineFalse
33.Double Munter (Super Munter)Munter HitchFalse
34.Mule knotMule KnotFalse
35.Penberthy hitch (Helical knot)Friction HitchesFalse
36.Garda hitchFriction HitchesFalse
37.Bachmann hitchFriction HitchesFalse
38.Purcell PrusikCombination KnotsFalse
39.Overhand knotOverhand KnotFalse
40.Texas Prusik waist slingCombination KnotsFalse
41.Texas Prusik foot slingsCombination KnotsFalse