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Trek 850 Mountain Bike, Circa 1990

After finishing my professional training in 1990, I wanted to start bicycling again after not doing any cycling for 12 years. At the time, mountain bikes were all the rage and most small shops stocked mostly MTB's and few road bikes. I was seriously ignorant about bicycles at the time and ended up buying a Trek 850 mountain bike that I rode almost exclusively on paved roads. After a year, I learned more and replaced it with a road bike that I ordered from Performance.

Later on, I bought a better mountain bike made by Cannondale and eventually scraped the Trek 850 for parts.

The information superhighway seems to have passed by the Trek 850 made in 1990. I found only one, not very good, image of a bike similar to the one I used to own and it is shown above. I could not find a complete 1990 Trek catalog but an excerpt from it does have the component specifications for the bike.